Built-in ovens

With exceptionally elegant exterior & innovative features, ensuring even cooking and cleaning with convenience, a Bosch Built-in Oven truly complements your lifestyle. Moreover, baking is also a healthy alternative to frying dishes, and it does not alter the flavour.


Our timeless design, innovative German technology and carefully selected material accentuates the aesthetics of your kitchen and ensures kitchen safety. Bosch Hobs are perfected, keeping in mind Indian cooking habits and are a perfect blend of elegance & convenience.

Free-standing cookers

With our free-standing induction cookers, you not only cook much faster and more economically than on traditional hobs, you’re also safer. Our induction hobs come with an automated safety shut off so you never use more power than absolutely necessary. And when it comes to detailed planning, you’re completely free to choose where to position your Bosch free-standing cooker.

Steam appliances

Steaming, baking or a combination of both: with gentle steam and the optional addition of hot air, you have all the options you want. With DishAssist, the optimal type of heat, temperature and time for countless dishes is already preset. Even after cooking and eating, you can keep on enjoying: Thanks to EcoClean Direct and a special coating automatically absorbing grime, almost no cleaning is necessary.


A microwave is the perfect choice if things need to happen fast. If you need to heat up a cup of tea, bake your pizza with the grill function or thaw out frozen food. It saves you lots of time in later food preparation too. Of course you can also use a microwave for bigger containers and larger food items.


Bosch chimneys are designed to offer wider coverage and ideal suction for all kinds of kitchens, thanks to the powerful 350W motor with copper winding & high efficient filters. Along with the finest aesthetics, Bosch chimney also ensures a healthy cooking environment by keeping the kitchen free from smoke and odour.