VitaExtract Slow Juicer: An unique way to for better health

Thanks to the unique gentle squeezing technology, the VitaExtract slow juicer squeezes ingredients slowly and thoroughly to ensure that your juices and soups are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Stirred, not shaken. Bosch hand mixers.

Mix away ingredients to your heart’s content to make the perfect batter with Bosch hand mixers. Because they are so well balanced, our hand mixers are not only smooth to hold but also can work their way through any ingredients quickly and easily.

Built for those who have a weakness for Perfect results.

Tested to perfection in terms of performance, Bosch kitchen appliances can stir, mix, knead or chop any ingredient that comes their way. With its timeless, elegant design, these appliances can turn a kitchen helper into a complete visual highlight!